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Can I use my own domain name?

Yes. Once your new website is ready to go live, we will provide instructions on how to direct it to Auto Shop Leader.

Do I have to transfer my domain name to you?

No, you can leave your domain name at its current registrar. Once your new website is ready to go live, we will provide instructions on how to direct it to Auto Shop Leader.

Do you provide email hosting?

No, we do not offer email hosting.

Why do I have to pay a monthly fee? Can I just pay once for my website?

No, we do not accept one time payments for our websites. Our monthly fee keeps our service affordable and ensures your website stays secure, up-to-date, and managed.

How long will it take to build my website?

You can expect to have your website completed within 5 business days.

To what degree can I customize my website?

You may customize images, text, and the color scheme. You can also choose from a variety of page layouts.

Can I preview my website before it's complete?

Yes. We will email you a preview link so you can see your website before it goes live.

Can I make website changes myself?

No. You will need to submit a ticket with the specified changes. Most changes will be completed in under 1 business day.

Can I keep my website if I cancel my plan?

No. Your website will be built on our proprietary website platform and cannot be ported to another web host. Due to this, we highly recommend making a backup of your old website in the event you cancel.


What platform will my website be built on?

Your website will be built on our proprietary website platform. We do not use Wordpress or other common content management systems.

Do I have to host my new website?

No. Hosting on our high speed cloud servers is included with your monthly fee.

Will my website have an SSL certificate?

Yes. We install free SSL certificates for every website we build and host.

Can I use existing text and images from my current website?

Yes. During your onboarding survey specify the text and images you would like us to use.

I don't have any photos for my website, can you supply some?

Yes. We have a large library of stock photos we can use throughout your website.

Can I add custom pages to my website?

Yes. By default your website includes a home page, services page, contact us page, and up to 5 or 10 pages (depending on the plan you choose) that explain each of your services.

If you would like to add a custom page, such as an about us page, gallery, or videos page, there is a one time fee of $250 per page.

You can add custom pages during your website's initial build or request to have them added at a later time.

How do I request to add custom pages?

During the sign up questionaire, specify the additional pages you'd like to have in the "additional comments" field. Note that you will receive an additional invoice to add these pages.

If you are already a customer, open a new ticket to add custom pages.

Call Tracking

How does call tracking work?

Your website will feature a special tracking number that redirects to your company's main line. This tracking number is included with your plan and requires no additional setup.

Are the phone calls recorded?

Yes. Every phone call your website generates will be recorded. To remain compliant with call recording policies, your customer will hear a quick "this call may be recorded for quality control" message before the call is placed.

Where can I listen to my phone calls?

Log into your dashboard, click the "Phone Calls" button, and you will see the phone calls your website has generated.

Do I have to use call tracking?

No. If you would like to opt-out of this feature, during your sign up questionaire specify in the comments that you don't want call tracking. Your phone number will be placed on your website in place of a tracking number.

What happens if I cancel my plan? Do I get to keep my tracking number?

By default, no. However, if you feel enough customers have your tracking number, you can opt to have the tracking number ported to your current phone provider.

It does not cost anything to have your tracking number released (though you may need to pay for the additional line at your current phone provider).


Can I make changes to my coupons?

Yes. Log into your dashboard, click the "Coupons" button, and select the coupon you'd like to edit.

How do my customers print the coupons?

Once on your website, underneath the coupon your customers will see a "Print Coupon" button. They can click this to print the coupon.

How do popup promotions work?

We work with you to create a compelling offer that will pop up the first time a new visitor views your website.

How do I receive the lead's information?

After the lead submits their information you will receive their first name and phone number by email and SMS. If you desire, you can select to only receive new lead notifications by email.

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