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2 Simple Ways To Get More Leads From Your Auto Shop's Website

Looking to get more leads off your website? In this article we talk about 2 powerful strategies to bring in more auto repair leads.

June 22, 2022

Your auto shop's website is the foundation of all of your marketing efforts. Whether you run online ads, a radio ad, or send out postcards - most prospective customers are going to end up on your website.

Many auto shops make the mistake of not optimizing their website for sales. They think of their website as a “digital business card” that informs the prospect what they do.

While that's important, with more and more online competition, your website needs to be structured in a way that will encourage visitors to take action - call for more information, request a quote, or submit your contact form.

There are many ways to accomplish this, but two of the easiest are through placing coupons on your website and "pop up incentives."

Add Some Coupons

Everyone loves a deal! Despite this fact, many auto shops fail to put promotions or specials on their websites.

If a potential customer is reviewing auto shops in the area, they will be more inclined to call a shop that offers a special on the service they're looking for!

Here's our top 3 tips for coupons:

Put Them Front And Center

Don't make your coupons hard to find - place them prominently on your home page (preferably near the top). For extra exposure, you could also place them on their respective web pages.

For example, if you had a special for an AC recharge, put it on the top of your page that talks about your AC repair service.

An example of coupons on an auto shop's home page.

Add Expirations

Create a sense of urgency - people are more inclined to act on a special if they know it's going to expire! Even if you plan on running the special forever, add an expiration date that's a month or two out.

If you don't update the coupon in time, this also creates an opportunity for the potential customer to call and ask if the special is still available.

Don't Create Too Many

People are easily overwhelmed - you don't need to add several dozen coupons to your website to get more people to come in!

We recommend creating about 6 - 8 coupons. This gives the website visitor a fair amount of choices without being overwhelming.

Get creative with seasonal offers too. Is summer coming up? Run a special for an AC tune up. Is Thanksgiving or another major travel holiday coming up? Offer a special on an oil change and “pre-trip” inspection.

Create A Popup Incentive

Want to stay ahead of the curve? Here's a website feature that is used by big brands and online retailers but seldomly used by smaller businesses.

Have you ever gone to a website and seen a popup that reads: "sign up and get our specials" or a similar message? Many big brands do this for one simple reason - it works.

It's a great way to grab a potential customer's email and continue to market to them.

A popup that will text the website visitor a coupon in exchange for their name and phone number.

Up until recently this technology was difficult and expensive for small businesses to implement. However, a wide array of affordable tools are now available for any size business to take advantage of.

Some of the most popular tools are:

  • Mailchimp
  • Aweber
  • Constant Contact
  • ActiveCampaign

These tools generally range from $10 to $30 a month. They usually offer some sort of visual editor where you can create the popup in a Microsoft Word like interface.

So what kind of incentive do you offer? Try offering a really aggressive promotion or anything you feel would make someone submit their email to get.

Once they submit their email, set up an "automation" or "campaign" (the exact terminology could vary between tools) to send them an email with the special.

If you're having trouble with this, most of the tools offer phone support when a rep can walk you through the process. This is usually free so take advantage of it!

Once the popup is created, you then have to implement a small snippet of code into your website. Unless you feel comfortable doing this, you will most likely have to have your web developer do this for you.

Closing Thoughts

If you're looking to get more leads from your auto shop's website, adding coupons and a popup incentive are two of the easiest and most effective ways.

They're also affordable! It should cost you very little to get your webmaster to add coupons and / or a small code for your popup incentive.

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